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A hidden treasure in Notre Dame, a piece of the Eiffel Tower in New York, the remains of the son of Emperor NAPOLEON I returned to FRANCE by ADOLF HITLER, the iconic french singer EDITH PIAF performing at the department store GALERIES LAFAYETTE, frogmen at the OPERA GARNIER...

Here are among others many titbits that form the spirit of Paris.

You may belong to one of those tourists that are curious but in a hurry? Those who visit Paris with bated breath, afraid of missing a second … Those who observe the City of Light without penetrating into its depths ….Climbing the steps of the Eiffel Tower too fast, you surely overlook a lot.

In a city where everything is going a hundred miles an hour, walking up the Champs Elysées, running up the stairs of Notre Dame or climbing the hill of Montmartre at full speed, just means letting the city go by without being moved.


They of course belong to your “must see”. But are you aware that the Louvre also houses the most beautiful diamond in the world, source of over-the-top anecdotes?

I revisit the capital, while presenting you the visionaries who, through their creative genius (if not their megalomania) instilled the City of Light its authentic personality. Napoleon, the Baron Haussman, the kings and Presidents of France, captains of industry : All have contributed with their sense of excess in making Paris an atypical city, with a strong character. Without them, the Capital would only comprise pale architecture that I would not enjoy showing you!

You’d like to experience Paris? To learn which historical figures left their footprints in the neighbourhoods of the City of Light? Come to me, I 'll tell you the whole story...
Alone, you will discover Paris. With me, you will rediscover the city. Up to you to find out which way you prefer.